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We encourage you to make it a priority to get a handicap as soon as possible. Once you have a handicap you are able to enter club and other competitions.

Through the recommended World Handicap System, golf clubs can assign handicaps up to 54, making it easier for juniors to obtain their first handicap and allowing competition between players from an early stage. 

  • To obtain a handicap you must play three full rounds of golf, holing out at every hole.

  • Maximum score of 10 on any hole.

  • The scores must be marked on an official club scorecard and can be done on any combination of courses.

  • The same person can mark all three cards for you; it doesn’t have to be three different people.

  • The cards must be signed by you and the marker.

  • At the discretion of the Junior Organiser, it is permissible to allow juniors to submit cards over 6 or 9 holes, such cards to be adjusted to an 18 hole score

The three cards should then be passed on to a member of the Junior Committee or left in the Golf Shop.

Juniors justifying a handicap shall have their handicap controlled and adjusted in accordance with the stipulations contained in the current World Handicap System.

The Club Handicap Secretary will give you your first handicap. Once you have a handicap it will be posted on the Junior noticeboard.

Every time you play in an official competition your handicap will be assessed and altered accordingly.

Your age and handicap determine the tees from which you play in competitions:


36 – 54  All players up to 13 years of age (red tees)                    

29 – 35  Boys up to 13 years of age (yellow tees)

29 – 54  Boys aged 16 years and older (yellow tees)              

28 or less  All juniors. (yellow or white)                                         

All female members play off the red tees regardless of age or handicap.