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2 or 3 ball games in which every stroke taken counts and the player must complete every hole. The player’s total score is the gross score less their handicap e.g. Gross 103, handicap 29, net result = 74.

Points are awarded for the net number of strokes taken at each hole. 2 strokes above par (double bogey) = 0 pt; 1stroke above par (bogey) = 1 pt; par = 2pts; 1 below par (birdie) = 3 pts; 2 below par (eagle) = 4pts. Scoring stableford is more easily understood when playing. It is therefore recommended that beginners should play their first stableford competition with a more experienced player. PLAYERS SHOULD PICK UP IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO SCORE.

A match play game against the par of the course. A net par on a hole leaves the golfer level (=0). If the net score is one under or better they are +1. A net one over par or worse and the player is –1. Players should pick up if they are worse than level.


Two golfers take turns to play one ball around the course. The player who tees off on the first hole then does so for all the odd numbered holes and their partner tees off on all the evens. Foursomes can be played in either a medal (stroke play) or stableford format.

A pair’s competition in which both partners tee off on each hole. They then select what they feel is the best shot and play alternative shots for the rest of the hole. Greensomes can be played in either a medal (stroke play) or stableford format.


Both players drive and then each play their partners ball before deciding which ball to then play. The player, whose ball was not selected, then plays the third shot and thereafter alternate shots are played until the hole is finished. Can be played in either medal (stroke play) or stableford format.


A pair’s competition in which both partners play their own ball, but only one score i.e. the better one, counts at each hole. Can be played in either a medal (stroke play) or stableford format.

A team competition. All players drive, decide on the best ball, MARK IT and pick up the remaining balls. The owner of the chosen ball plays first; all other players place their ball within 6 inches of the marker no nearer the hole and play it from this position. The procedure is followed until the ball is holed out. If it is decided to play a ball lying in the rough or in a bunker then the balls are dropped. The Committee may, however, vary the rules since this is a fun competition, without official standing. Can be played in either a medal (stroke play) or stableford format.


A match consists of one side playing against another over a stipulated round. In match play the game is played by holes. Except as otherwise provided in the Rules, a hole is won by the side that holes its ball in the fewer strokes. In a handicap match, the lower net score wins the hole. Handicap allowances are as follows:

Singles match play – full difference.

Foursomes match play – calculate playing handicap for each pair (add Course Handicap of each pair and divide by 2 to give Playing Handicap) then allow the full difference.

Fourball match play – Calculate handicap index + slope rating = course handicap x 90% for eah player.  Players then take strokes from the lowest handicapped player.


​ Captains’ Charity Day

The competition format is decided by the Captains with all the proceeds from the day going to the  Captains’ nominated charity. The Captains do not participate in the competition.

Lady Captain’s Day
The Ladies play for the Lady Captain’s prizes. The format is decided by the Lady Captain and is followed by a meal and a prize presentation.

​Ladies Invitation Day
Ladies invite a guest lady from another club to join them in a four-ball betterball competition which is followed by a meal and prize presentation.

Ladies Putt and Take
This is our Christmas celebration. Ladies are only allowed to use 3 clubs and a putter. Bunkers are not in play for this competition. The “entry fee” is a wrapped gift to the value of £5-£8. There are two individual competitions – one on a Wednesday and the other on a Saturday. Ladies are invited to attend a Christmas meal after the Saturday competition.

Mixed Open
A stableford competition played in May by ladies and gentlemen from within and outside the club. Full details are given on the official entry form.