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What is golf etiquette?

People that don’t play golf might tell you it’s about stuffy, old fashioned rules…WRONG!!!

  • ​Golf etiquette is simply a guide on how to behave on the course.
  • When you start to play golf it is important that you play safely and sensibly and think about th other golfers.
  • The clubs and balls you will be using are very hard and can easily cause serious injury if someone is hit.

​Following golf etiquette helps to:

  • Keep everyone safe on the course,
  • Keep the course in good condition,
  • Keep the game moving and prevent slow play….AND means everyone can enjoy the game.


  • Be ready to hit your shot.
  • Wait until the group in front have moved away from the area you are hitting to.
  • Stand quietly when someone is playing a shot, even if they are playing a different hole to you.
  • Repair divots and pitch marks on the green. It helps protect the course and makes it easier for the
  • player behind you.
  • Allow others to play through if you are searching for a lost ball.
  • Rake bunker after you play a shot from one. If there is no rake, try to smooth over with your feet.
  • Always replace the flagstick after you have finished the hole.
  • Always shout “FORE” if your ball is heading towards other players.
  • If someone shouts “FORE” to you, turn away to protect yourself – don’t look around to see who it is!


  • ​Move ahead of the person playing the next shot. Not only is it dangerous but can put the player off their stroke.
  • Make unnecessary noise on the course.
  • Walk onto the line of anyone’s putt.
  • Take trolleys onto or too near to the green as this will damage the grass. It’s easier for you, if you leave your trolley just beyond the green on the way to the next tee. It means you can move off quickly and won’t delay golfers behind you.
  • Hang around the green to fill in your scorecard and chat. You can fill your scorecard as you are walking to or on the next tee.