Belton Woods Golf club Grantham Lincolnshire NG32 2LN
01476 514332

At Belton Woods we operate a relaxed policy where juniors are concerned especially for those beginning their golfing journey. You are welcome to wear what ever you feel comfortable in, so hoodies, tracksuits, T shirts, leggings and trainers are just a small example of things that are acceptable. 

As you progress with your golf and start playing in club competition you may naturally want to wear more ‘traditional’ golfing attire and this is something we greatly encourage. There are some fantastic companies around that provide great quality and modern golfing dress.

Also within the section we have sourced a local manufacturer who provides us with section colours. We will offer these to you at a low, non profit making cost twice a year.

In the Autumn we offer a lovely warm hoodie and in the Spring a performance polo shirt and top. These items are embroidered with ‘Junior Section’ and the club crest.

If you have any questions regarding junior clothing please contact us.