A winter pairs competition comprising of two divisions based on a combined handicap.
Nine rounds are played from the yellow tees (weather permitting) consisting of three rounds each of
BB Stableford, BB Medal, and BB Par/Bogey, using a 90% handicap allowance. Points are awarded
based on how you finish as follows
1st 30pts – 2nd 25pts – 3rd- 20pts – 4th 18pts – 5 – 16pts
6th- 14pts 7th- 12pts – 8th- 10pts all other pairs are awarded 5pts.

The best six scores of each pair are counted and the top eight pairs from each division go through to
a match-play knockout stage. The top of the league in each division, will play the eighth place of the
league in the same division, the second in the league the seventh place, the third will play the third
from bottom and the fourth will play the fourth from bottom in the first round of knockout matches.
Winners from the knockout stages of the two divisions receive a Divisional Trophy and meet in the
Grand Final with a chance of becoming Winter League Champions. Winners of the Winter League
grand final receive the Winter League Trophy. The winners of the Winter League also go through to
represent the club in the Daily Mail Foursomes.

Winter League Finals 2022

The final was contested between William Tansley & Andy Williams  v’s Colin Tweedie & Paul Beckett
With the eventual Winners being William Tansley & Andy Williams by a result of 4 and 3.
Congratulations to them, and a very successful Winter League series.

Individual Winter League Round Results (click on each round for results)

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9