Winter League 2014/15


This year’s competitions Formats:


Better-ball Medal x2 ¾ handicap per player (BB Medal)


Foursomes (Bogey & Medal)

½ the Aggregate Combined Handicap i.e. (4+10=14 gives 7 per player)


Better-ball Stableford   (BB Stab)

X2 ¾ handicap per player


Green-Somes (GR Bogey & GR Stableford)

Lower Hcp x 0.6 plus higher Hcp x 0.4

(4x 0.6=2.4 +10x 0.4=4) shots received 6.4 rounded to 6



26th Oct           (BB Medal)                             

9th Nov           (GR Stableford)        

30th Nov          (BB Stab)                               

14th Dec         (Texas Scramble)

11th Jan           (BB Medal)                             

25th Jan           (Foursomes-Stab)

 8th  Feb           (BB Stab)                               

22nd Feb           (Texas Scramble)

15th March      (BB Medal)                            




Quarter Finals Woodside by 29th March


Semi Finals Lakes 13th April


Final to be played on or before Sunday 3rd May