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AGM Proposal: Introduction of an annual membership supplement

As club secretary I am intending to propose at the next AGM the introduction of a voluntary membership supplement, to be paid direct to the Club account on an annual basis, which would be totally separate from the QHotel membership fee.

At present all Belton Woods golf members benefit from a range of facilities, that are provided by the committee and financed solely by the organisation and running of weekly competitions. Although this generates an income level in the region of £4,000.00 annually, most of which is returned to members in the form of prizes, there is nevertheless a clear requirement for additional funds to meet, not only the existing obligations, but to raise the level of standard befitting the Belton Woods ethos.

Ideally, to enable the committee to improve all aspects of the members experience, a minimum of £3,000.00 additional income is required. This would be used for the following enhancements but not limited to:

  • Upgrade to HDID software system
  • Upgrade to the hardware used by members when using the HDID software
  • Improving the layout of the members area (hallway) and honour boards
  • Upgrade to website support and software package
  • Maintaining WHS handicaps
  • Financing and support of all levels of team golf
  • Financing and support of junior golf
  • Financing a minimum of two social evenings for members, entertainment, food etc
  • Support an Open golf tournament to showcase Belton Woods Golf Club

At present the level of income just about enables the club to function. Also, the same 80-100 supporters of the weekly competitions finance all the facilities that are provided.

I am respectfully suggesting that by way of fairness and equitability, a small contribution should be made by ALL golf members, except junior members, to enable the club to enhance the experience for all who use it. The voluntary annual contribution being proposed is £6.00 which equates to only 50p a month.

This proposal is going to be put forward at the next AGM, which is currently scheduled for Tuesday 10th January 2023. If you are unable to attend but are in support of my proposal of introducing a supplementary fee then can you please select your option below

Members Contribution