I am delighted to be elected the junior captain of Belton Woods for 2022 and very happy to have Rory Dunbar as my vice-captain for the year. I would also like to thank Ken and Iain for giving me this opportunity and I will strive to match their commitment and hard work for the junior section.

I have been playing at Belton Woods Golf Club for 7 years now and the junior section has given me an excellent foundation in starting out in golf. Since I joined the club, I have reduced my handicap from 49 to 11.9, which goes to show the level of support and advice that our junior section offers. Most importantly I have always enjoyed playing in the variety of competitions and meeting lots of young golfers like myself.

I am proud to say I took part in the junior team matches last year and I look forward to leading our junior team alongside with ken, Iain, and Rory this year to a fun and hopefully successful year. In addition, I hope to play in more events outside of the club this year to further improve my golf and become a more experienced golfer.

My aims for my year as junior captain are to provide the best opportunities for other juniors and give them a welcoming fun environment that all younger and older junior golfers will enjoy playing golf in and want to come back. More specifically I will continue to run the Belton woods junior Instagram account set up by last year’s captain Andrew and try and set up more competitions with nearby clubs like Belton Park to allow our juniors to experience playing with other people and at new courses.

Josh Buil

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