The information below is a guide to ensure you get the best out of our club from the beginning:


Competition and Handicapping system


We are now users of the ClubV1 competition and handicapping system.  Everything has now been migrated from the old to the new system and whilst you will be able to see everything you did before, it is presented in a very different way.  Most noticeable is the screen located in the corridor behind the "Claret Jug" –  please be gentle with it, it is a ‘touch’ screen!  Firstly, if the screen is blank then touch in the middle and within a few seconds a keyboard will appear; there is also a small button for the PIN number use.  Either your name or PIN number will take you to your own personal area where you can book and sign in for competitions etc.  An arrow at the top left will take you back and finally to quit from your own area.   Any problems, the Pro Shop has my phone and e-mail details – the sooner I am contacted the sooner problems can be sorted out. I'll also be arround on Sunday to help if required!


Notice board behind Claret Jug bar:

Monthly fixtures, competition results and general information such as meeting minutes, etc are all displayed on the club notice-board.


Handicaps and Competitions:

You must have an official handicap in order to participate in club competitions. To obtain an official handicap you must first submit 3 cards, played on either the Lakes or Woodside courses and marked by a competent person (preferably by another club member). The signed cards should then be left in the Handicap box, which is located behind the Claret Jug Bar.

There are a variety of competitions every month which you can enter, provided you have an official handicap. The normal booking procedure is via the computer screen, which is located on the wall behind the Claret Jug bar. On other occasions, such as Invitation Days, Captain’s Day, etc then the booking procedure is via the notice-board behind the Claret Jug bar.


General Rules:

Please take time to familiarise yourself with the Competition Rules, which are located on the club notice-board. The one to note is the 3-comp ban if you fail to turn up for a competition after you have entered your name in the computer. 


Competition Entry Fees

 Please find details of the competition entry fees:



The Competition and Handicap secretary is Glenn Carpenter and you can contact Glenn by e-mail at: