Howdidido Access

Did you know that you can now book your competition tee time by using your logon to the website.

Click on the link below to access the website:

There are three stages to enable you to have this facility:-

1. Join the website via the link (click on the logo) above by typing your e-mail address and then a password.

For new users, amongst other things that you have to decide, you will need to choose the preferences of how you want to get informed about the results of competitions.


2. When you have received your confirmation e-mail from Howdidido, send your name and handicap details to the competition and handicap secretary Glenn Carpenter by using this address


3. You will then be sent a verification code to enter into your account.

Without this verification code and your account fully activated you cannot book tee times online.

After the account has been verified you will be able to book your tee time by first choosing the competition you want to enter from the list, then choose a tee time by clicking on the time that is available.


The usual rules apply for non attendance in a competition. Do not book any other player into a competition. The touch screen outside the Claret Jug will still be available for tee time bookings.