Welcome to Golf at Belton Woods.


We have established a Committee to manage a handicapping system that follows the aims set out by the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU).  In essence this system is run by the Handicap Secretary who can be reached through the following e-mail address: handicaps@beltonwoodsgolfclub.co.uk


We have two types of ‘registered’ golfer here; the Competitive (i.e. those with a CONGU handicap and playing in Qualifying Competitions or returning Supplementary Scores - a minimum of 3 per calendar year) and the Non-Competitive (i.e. those with a CONGU handicap but not playing in our Qualifying Competitions, nor returning Supplementary Scores – simply playing social golf). 


New Members:


As a New Member, you will probably fall into one of the following categories:


  • A Player with a current golfing history, and a Central Database of Handicaps number

  • A Player with no recent history but has held or does hold a handicap and possibly a Central Database of Handicaps number

  • A Player with no history and new to the game


New Members falling into Category 1 above, simply need to contact the Handicap Secretary, either through the above e-mail or the Pro-Shop and produce a current handicap certificate.  We can then determine Club affiliation and forward some relevant documentation.


New Members falling into Categories 2 and 3 will need to contact the Handicap Secretary to discuss the way ahead to either regaining a Competitive Handicap or the steps to be taken to obtain a first handicap.




However you play your golf, we hope you will enjoy the experience here at Belton Woods and please feel free to forward any questions or concerns to the above e-mail address  



To view the most recent Handicap List, please click the link below: