Lady Captain's Charity 2021

Disability assistance


Support Dogs’ aim is to improve the quality of life and independence of people with a wide range of physical disabilities by training their own pet dog as a disability assistance dog.

Our disability assistance dogs are trained to assist and support their owners by carrying out tasks which are specifically tailored to their needs, for example:

  • Opening and closing doors

  • Picking up objects

  • Raising the alarm

  • Dressing and undressing

  • Operating control buttons

  • Loading and unloading the washing machine


Support Dogs also facilitate greater confidence for a more active life and vital social interaction. An assistance dog is often a catalyst for conversation, meeting new people and increasing their owner’s interaction with their community.This further increases confidence and self-esteem.

This increased independence also has a positive impact on our clients’ relationships with friends and family members. It often releases family members from their roles as primary carers and in many cases can enable them and the client to return to paid employment.

For a true life testimonial from Amanda and her assistance dog, Jupiter, please click the link beow: