Valentine's Day Mixed - 8th February 2020

A nice sunny day for this year's Valentine's Mixed Betterball competition which attracted a large entry of mixed pairs.

The winners with 42 points were Debbie Hawley and her partner Dave Sutton.  Runners up with 41 points were Ailsa Lines and Keith Aiton.  In 3rd place on cb with 40 points were Tony and Caroline Hills and 4th place also with 40 were Trudi and Annan Galloway.

Nearest the Pin winners on the 4th were Steph Lee and Dave Sutton

Nearest the Pin winners on the 11th were Lesley Perrin and Tony Hills

The Straightest Drive on the 16th was won by Liz Moses and Paul Perrin.

Prizes were presented by Vice Captains Sue and Dave.

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As a lot of our competitions have fallen to the wayside due the Covid 19 lockdown and then to restrictions once we were allowed to play once more.  We therefore have made the monthly Stableford and Medal competitions into fun comps for our ladies to enjoy.  Thanks to our Competition Secretary, we are enjoying lots of different formats along with some old and well known ones.

Here are the results of those played so far:

Wednesday 4th June - Texas Scramble - Woods

Winners with Stableford score of 48 were Donna, Judi and Diane.

Saturday 27th June - Texas Scramble - Woods

Winners were Trudi, Wendy and Becky on count back with 43 points just snatching victory from Steph, Nikki and Yvonne with one more point on the back nine!

Wednesday 1st July - Best 2 from 3 Stableford - Woods

Winners with a great score of 86 were the team of Steph, Yvonne and Sue.

Saturday 4th July - "Independence Day" Best 2 from 3 Stableford - Woods

Two teams came in with 80 points but the winners, on count back of last 6 holes, were Liz Milne, Debbie and Ailsa.  Runners up also with 80 were Lesley, Caroline and Sue.

Wednesday 8th July - Stableford Multiplier - Lakes

Winners with 57 points were Bev and Shirley (and in the wet weather)

Saturday 11th July - Stableford Multiplier - Lakes

1st Lesley & Julie 50 points

2nd Jen & Yvonne 40 points

3rd Caroline & Trudi 36 points

Wednesday 29th July - Waltz (1,2,3) - Lakes

1st Wendy, Sue and Lis 76 points

2nd Caroline, Liz and Nikki 70 points

3rd Jill, Linda and Jacqui 68 points (on count back from Donna, Jen and Yvonne).

Saturday 1st August - Waltz (1,2,3) - Lakes

1st Shirley, Ailsa and Jill - 71 points

2nd Trudi, Lesley and Caroline 68 points

Wednesday 19th August - Texas Scramble 666 (Lakes)

1st Liz, Judi and Christine B - nett 72.7

2nd Shirley, Caroline and Chris R - nett 73.2

Saturday 22nd August - Texas Scramble 666 (Woods)

1st Lesley, Shirley and Sue R - nett 69.1

2nd Wendy, Steph and Trudi -  nett 70.8

Monday 31st August - Mixed Competition (fourball, best lady and best man to score).

Played on the Lakes, winners with 83 points were Pat, Allan and Matthew Hayes together with Lady Captain Kim.

Runners up with 80 points were Graham Bell, Pat Hawcroft, Jacqui Francis and Nigel Hardy.

Nearest the Pin winners on Hole 2 were Lady Captain Kim for the ladies and Annan Galloway for the ment.

Nearest the Pin winners on Hole 11 were Elizabeth Milne for the ladies and Graham Bell for the men.

Wednesday 9th September - Waltz (Lakes)

1st Shirley, Judi and Christine Birkett with 71 points

2nd Jen, Gail and Donna with 69 points

3rd Liz, Wendy and Anne with 65

Saturday 12th September - Waltz (Woods)

1st Caroline, Kylie and Pat Haynes with 77 points

2nd Yvonne, Jen and Becky with 75 points

3rd Jules, Debbie and Lis with 71 points

Wednesday 23rd September - 2 From 3 (Woods)

1st Yvonne, Hnin and Jen with 78 points

2nd Sue, Melita and Steph with 77 points

3rd Shirley, Jan and Jill with 76 points

Saturday 26th September - 2 from 3 (Woods)

1st Ailsa, Debbie and Liz with 83 points

2nd  Sue, Jill and Yvonne with 77 points

3rd Steph, Trudi and Nikki with 73

Wed 30th September - Lady Captain Vs Lady Vice Matchplay

Drawn at 2/2

LC Team: Kim, Jane, Jill, Steph, Jen, Christine B, Donna and Shirley

VC Team: Sue, Caroline, Yvonne, Wendy, Chris R, Jan, Diane and Anne

Wednesday 4th November - 2 from 3 Stableford  (Lakes)

1st Kathy, Judi and Donna 70 points

2nd Jill, Nikki and Jacqui 69 points

3rd Bev, Shirley and Chris 64 points

Wednesday 2nd December - Welcome Back Waltz

1st Sue, Wendy & Jan - 62 points

Saturday 5th December - Welcome Back Waltz

Cancelled due to weather

Wednesday 9th December - Team Comp. 2 from 3

1st - Carolie, Jane and Steffi 69 points

Saturday 12th December - Team Comp. 2 from 3

1st Jacqui, Jen and Lis Isles 62 points

Wednesday 16th December - Christmas Shambles

1st Liz, Christine and Steffi 89 points

Saturday 19th December - Christmas Shambles

1st Caroline, Wendy and Yvonne 71 points