Captain: Lesley Perrin


Monday 14th May - At home to Belton Park

Tuesday 3rd July - Away to Melton Mowbray

Wednesday 8th August - At home to Boston West

Thursday 13th Sept - Nottinghamshire 

Wednesday 10th Oct - Away at Greetham

14.5.2018 Belton Woods Vs Belton Park at Home

What a fantastic day to be out on the course playing our neighbours,the ladies from Belton Park in the first of this seasons friendlies played on the Lakes.

Although we could not quite manage an outright win but secured the half.

Thanks to Gaynor and Yvonne, Jen and Diane, Linda and Hnin and Sue and Liz I. Scrummy fish and chips to follow.

3.7.2018 Belton Woods Vs Melton Mowbray Away

A well presented course and a great group of ladies made visiting Melton Mowbray a pleasure today.  The sun shone and we managed a win with 2 and a half to 1 and a half. Well done to Liz M and Sue, Chris R and Diane, Donna and Linda, Jen and Jacqui.

mm friendly.jpg

13.9.2018 Belton Woods Vs The Nottinghamshire Away

The Notts ladies were veery welcoming and the scones and tea served after the matcg helped make up for the 3 and 1 loss for the BW ladies.  Teams were Steph and Yvonne, Wendy and Jen, Linda and Jacqui and Hnin and Jill.

stock friendly.jpg

26.9.2018 Belton Woods Vs Stoke Rochford at home

Our Friendly Team played the ladies from Stoke Rochford today on the Lakes.  Please to announce we wond 2 and a half to 1 and a half.  Well done to Lesley and Sue, Jen and Steph, Jane and Wendy and Liz and Judy.

Captain - Liz Moses 

Monday 6th June 2016

Result : Belton Woods Ladies  Win 3 1/2 to 1/2

8 Belton Woods Ladies took on the team from Rutland County Golf Club on Monday 6th June for a friendly Matchplay Competition on the Lakes.

The weather was hot and sunny and the course looked amazing making us all feel very proud of our club.

Unfortunately, the Rutland ladies were one player down and their Lady Captain Ngoneh  was, in her words, "Billy no mates" going out with our Match Captain Liz who partnered Pat (Hall). Despite this, all the Rutland ladies said they had thoroughly enjoyed playing. 

Liz thanked all the ladies for their support.