League Matches - A Team

Team Captain - Trudi Galloway

2018 Fixtures

Friday 13th April - At home to Canwick on the Lakes

Saturday 9th  June - At home to Toft on the Lakes

Sunday 1st July - Away to Canwick

Saturday 14th July - At home to Lincoln on the Lakes

Wednesday 25th July - Away to Toft

Friday 3rd August - Away to Lincoln

Saturday 9th June - BW Vs Toft at home

Result - Draw

Finally our much awaited first match of 2018 got underway, and with the course looking just magnificent and very favourable weather conditions we welcomed our guests from Toft GC. Belton Woods ladies were full of positivity as we embarked on what we knew were going to be hard fought matches against the current League Champions of 2017. Each match was played in a good competitive spirit with grit and determination and of course some very good golf from both teams, the final score ending in a 2-2 draw!

Thank you to Lesley & Trudi, Jan & Shirley, Carole & Kim and Lorraine & Liz, your enthusiasm and commitment to our matches is always much appreciated.


A Team AWAY at Canwick GC - Sunday 1 July


The sun was shining the sky was blue and it was very, very hot for our first away match of this season!  We were warmly welcomed with a pre match drink by the ladies of Canwick GC before embarking on their very tricky and challenging golf course. All the matches were hard fought with some unbelievable golf being played to half/win holes with pars or even birdies! With a course of such individuality it is always going to favour home players but we gave them good matches with the final result finishing with a respectable 21/2-11/2 win to the opposition Canwick. Thank you to the pairings of Lesley & Trudi, Gaynor & Jan, Lorraine & Wendy and Liz & Pat. Well played ladies.

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A Team away to Toft - Wednesday 25th July

Another scorcher of a day for our second away match, on yet another very challenging and individual course let along adding in the incredible dry conditions we are enduring right now. The matches were all demanding and each group played well and dug deep but we were finally overpowered by the home advantage loosing 3-1 to Toft. The winning pair included a player who has never played for the A team previously and had to be coerced into playing on the very morning of the match so a huge thank you Jules and well played. My thanks also go to Lesley, Caroline, Gaynor, Shirley, Carole and Wendy for playing some exceptional golf even though the result didn’t go in our favour; it’s tough at the top!!

A Team toft.jpg

A Team HOME v Canwick Park GC - Saturday 28 July 2018

Well conditions couldn’t have been more different from the heat wave and calm we have been currently enjoying for our penultimate match of this season. The wind blew, forecast to reach 40mph, the rain threatened and it was not warm, but a warm welcome was shared between both teams before tackling the conditions outside. Each match was fiercely contended as a win for Canwick would have seen them Division one winners but they came upon the keen pairings of Trudi & Lesley, Caroline & Gaynor, Shirley & Carole and Lorraine & Wendy who had the bit between their teeth.

With the final pairing taking their match all the way to the 18th and unfortunately getting caught in the most atrocious conditions of all (rain,wind  and bitterly cold) but they came out on top securing a 4-0 win for Belton Woods!

What a fantastic result you were all absolutely fantastic; so now onto our final match at The Lincoln with everything hanging on this result so dig deep we can do it.

Team AWAY at The Lincoln GC – Friday 3 August 2018

And finally my last League report…………

This match was full of every emotion possible – win and we would be Division 1

winners, draw and we would remain in Division 1, loose and we were going down!!!

The team were completely aware of the situation (was this good/bad) and we were all feeling this pressure a big ask especially as it was an away match, but I knew that every pairing was going out their with the sole intention to win their match. The conditions were much the same as they have been for all the matches this season, very hot and extremely dry so keeping your concentration was harder than ever. The matches were hard fought and in the case of match one, which went right down to the 18th and was lost to a par was no disgrace.

Disappointment and sadness hit home very quickly that relegation was our destiny

with just one win coming from match two so really well done to you ladies just

wished we could have helped to make it count!

When we do finally manage to leave this behind us we need to be very proud of our

achievements and remember the best teams are playing at the top and we have

enjoyed this for two years and I believe we will be there again in the future.

So,  as your team captain for 2018 I would like to say a very big thank you for the

support you give to every match and the spirit in which you play. Belton Woods GC

is very fortunate to have such a fantastic ladies section fielding two league teams who are getting the name out there as a club to be respected!

Finally…..I would like to congratulate our B team, under the helm of Liz in Stephs

absence, for a fantastic season winning almost all of their matches and just missing out on promotion by a smidgen, you really do deserve to be in division two, but then with our relegation it is with great relief that we won’t have to play each other next year so come on A team, we’ll have to get our finger out and make way for them the following year.