League Matches - A Team

Team Captain - Trudi Galloway

2016 Match Reports

A’ Team AWAY v Belton Woods ‘B’ Team – Saturday 2 April 2016


Thankfully the weather was good for our first match of 2016 and everyone was full of enthusiasm to be getting the season underway. There was an air of nervousness as we stepped up to the challenge of competing against our very own ‘B’ Team ladies on the Woods course, not the way we would want it to be if we had a choice?

Each match was played in a good competitive manner going down to the last few holes to come to a conclusion, where thankfully and to much relief the ‘A’ Team managed to secure a 3-1 win. It had been an emotional battle competing between friends but that was soon put aside as we celebrated Carole’s birthday with some delicious cakes!

Thank you to everyone involved and good luck to both teams in their next matches.

A’ Team AWAY v Blankney – Saturday 30 April 2016


We received a very warm welcome from the ladies at Blankney and the weather looked promising! Unfortunately that was not to be the case as all four seasons descended upon us in the space of five minutes with sun, rain, hail and sleet falling on all but the first group out?   The matches were closely contended with three out of the four matches going to the 18th hole for their final result giving Belton Woods ‘A’ team a magnificent 3-1 away win. Thank you to the pairings of Jackie & Trudi, Lesley & Val, Kim & Lorraine and Shirley & Wendy for your sterling efforts.

A’ Team HOME v Belton Woods ‘B’ Team – Sunday 8 May 2016


It was within the short space of a month that we are once again competing against our friends in our ‘B’ team.  The weather couldn’t have been better summer felt well and truly here, and the camaraderie between the teams was amazing!

All four matches were played in good competitive atmosphere and we were pushed to the very end to finally record a 31/2-1/2 win for the ‘A’ team.

Thanks to my team of Jackie, Trudi, Lesley, Val, Lorraine, Shirley, Wendy and Gaynor and to Steph and all the B team ladies for playing the game in such good spirit. We really are so fortunate to have this great section of ladies striving to represent Belton Woods at this level now the ‘A’ team need to keep up the good work and hope next year we can be separated by division for all to enjoy!!!

Saturday 18 June ‘A’ Team HOME v Spalding


A warm welcome awaited the ladies from Spalding for our fourth league match of the season on an immaculate Lakes course complimented by all and in beautiful sunshine. With a couple of changes to the usual pairings Jackie & Lesley, Trudi & Val, Shirley & Lorraine, Wendy & Gaynor were victorious in securing our 21/2 11/2 win, what a perfect golfing day.

Well done team you are amazing and my maths tells me we can’t be beaten on points now so that means promotion into DIVISION ONE for us next year what an incredible position to be in with two matches still to play, thank you so, so much!

Saturday 30 July ‘A’ Team HOME v Blankney


Despite the knowledge that the result of this match wouldn’t change our fortuitous promotion it was with much trepidation that we welcomed the ladies from Blankney GC. Would they bring out their top guns after our win at their course?  I was sure they’d be determined to pull out all the stops to turn the table.  But no, the ‘big girls’ were out of action so that made for a much more closely fought match which I am delighted to report went in Belton Woods favour with a 3-1 win.


Many thanks to the usual pairings of Jackie & Trudi, Val & Shirley, Lorraine & Wendy, Gaynor & (Liz) who not only stood in at the last minute but came in with a winning result too, thank you ladies. Only one match left to play, lets hope we can keep up the good work!

Friday 5 August ‘A’ Team AWAY v Spalding



Unlike last year we found ourselves in the enviable position that this result would have no effect on our overall position and were able to embark on our match at Spalding with pure enjoyment.  The weather was beautiful and the ladies very welcoming. I thank the usual team of Jackie, Trudi, Lesley & Gaynor for your commitment throughout the season but give my additional thanks to Gaynor who should have been somewhere else,  Pat W, Carole, Fiona & Judi who stepped in without reservation with several of our regular ladies away. To then bring home a 2-2 draw with all matches going to the 18th was the icing on the cake showing our competitiveness to the bitter end and completing our run of unbeaten matches this season!

A Huge thank you goes to every single one of you who has supported the team over the season your dedication make my life as team captain such a smooth one and congratulations must go to you all in gaining promotion to Division One you have worked so, so hard - only (Lincoln/Torksey), Stoke & Toft to conquer next, help!

Good luck next season too, to Steph and our ‘B’ Team. You also have some lovely courses to play next year and I’m sure you’ll soon be back chomping at our heels!!!