New Year's Day Mixed (1.1.2021)

6 mixed pairs took part in this traditional New Year's Day Comp and after expecting a cold and icy day, it was quite pleasant and everyone enjoyed the day.

1st Place - Liz Milne & Paul Moules 38 points

2nd Place - Jacqui Francis & Harry McKeen 37 points

Nearest the Pin on the 4th - Allan Haynes

Nearest the Pin on the 11h - Trudi Galloway

Monthly Medal 2021

March: Cancelled

April:    Weds - 1st Nikki Masson nett 71        2nd Becky Foster nett 76

            Sat -    1st   Steffi Hey nett 67            2nd Debbie Hawley nett 71    

May:     Weds - 1st Yvonne Walker Nett 80     2nd Bev Warner Nett 82

            Sat - Cancelled due to adverse weather.

June:     Weds - 1st  Steph Lee nett 71             2nd Kim Davies nett 72   

             Sat - 1st Jan Machin nett 70               2nd Nikki Masson nett 72     

July:       Weds - 1st Wendy Stewart nett 80     2nd Judi Downward nett 84

             Sat - 1st Lorraine Robertson nett 81     2nd Lesley Perrin nett 81                   

August:   Weds - 1st Steph Lee nett 73              2nd Jill Baggaley nett 73 (CB)

              Sat - 1st  Jill Baggaley nett 79            2nd Lis Isles nett 90

September:  Weds - 1st Kathy Donnelly nett 69   2nd Jen Hallett nett 70

               Sat - 1st Lis Isles nett 66                     2nd Trudi Galloway nett 73

October:   Weds - 1st Christine Birkett nett 81      2nd Grace Hale nett 82 

                Sat - 1st Grace Hale  nett 78              2nd Lesley Perrin nett 81 

November: Weds - 1st Trudi Galloway nett 69      2nd Ginny Dixon nett 75

                 Sat - 1st Jacqui Frances nett 76          2nd Steffi Hey nett 79  


Monthly Stableford 2021

January:  Cancelled

February: Cancelled 

March :    Cancelled  

April:       Weds - 1st Kathy Donnelly 33 pts 2nd Gail Cowan 31 pts

               Sat - 1st Lis Isles 34 pts 2nd Pat Haynes 31 pts

May:        Weds - 1st Anne Meadows 32 pts  2nd Wendy Stewart 30 pts

                Sat - 1st Wendy Stewart 32 pts (cb) 2nd Becky Foster 32 pts     

June:        Weds - 1st Caroline Hills 40 pts 2nd Judi Downward 35 pts

               Sat - 1st Lis Isles 33pts (cb) 2nd Lorraine Robertson 33 (CB)

July:         Weds - 1st Evelyn Rimmer 26pts 2nd Donna Knight 18 pts

               Sat - 1st Wendy Stewart 33 pts 2nd Lorrainne Robertson 33pts (BC

August:     Weds - 1st Sue Raynor 43 pts  2nd Nikki Masson 42 pts

                Sat - 1st Steph Lee 36 pts 2nd Steffi Hey 33pts

September: Weds - 1st Caroline Hills 35 pts 2nd Hnin Shein 35 pts

                 Sat - 1st Sue Raynor 34 pts  2nd Lesley Perrin 32 pts

October:     Weds - 1st Kim Davies 38 pts  2nd Lorraine Robertson 37pts

                  Sat - 1st Gaynor Palframan  2nd Julie White 33 pts

November:   Weds - 1st Ginny Dixon 37 pts  2nd Shirley King 32 pts

                   Sat - 1st Steffi Hey 41 pts   2nd Julie White 34 pts

December:     Weds - 1st Gaynor Palframan 34 pts  2nd Jacqui Francis 29 pts

                   Sat - 1st Nikki Masson 32 pts  2nd Yvonne Walker 29 pts

Coronation Foursomes 

Wednesday 28th April / Saturday 1st May 2021 - Winners: Sue Raynor/Steffi Hey with 38 points.

Friday 13th August - Semi Finals

Sue and Steffi visited the Lincoln Golf Club (Torksey) for the semi finals and scored 34 poiints.

This put them tied 8th out of a field of 68 teams.

Aussie Spoons:


Wednesday 21st and Saturday 24th April 2021 - Winners Kathy Donnelly and Fiona Illingworth with 40 points.

2021 Par Competition  

Par Comp 1 (12th May 2021) - Winner: Diane Sharpe -1

Par Comp 2 (15th May 2021) - Winner: Lesley Perrin +1

Par Comp 3 (28th July 2021) - Winner:  Isabelle Linsley +4

Par Comp 4 (31st July 2021) - Winner: Nikki Masson +1

Par Comp 5 (4th Aug. 2021) - Winner:  Jacqui Francis +5

Par Comp 6 (7th Aug. 2021)  - Winner: Sue Raynor +5

Par Comp Final (21st Aug. 2021) - Overall Winner: Jacqui Francis with +3

Directors Trophy Saturday 19th May 2021

Winner on 34pts - Pat Hawcroft

Runner up on 27pts - Diane Sharpe

Spring Meeting 22nd May 2021

Winner on 37 pts - Lesley Perrin (Silver)  On 36pts - Steph Lee (Bronze)

ASH Trophy Monday 31st May 2021

Winners - Liz Milne and Paul Moules - Nett 67

Runners Up - Steffi and Andy Hey - Nett 68

PING QUALIFIERS 2021 - Mixed Pairs Saturday 5th June 2021

Winners on 44 points - Debbie Hawley and Dave Sutton (score will be put forward to qualify for the National Final at Thonock Park in September)

Captains Challenge Trophy - Friday 11th June 2021

Despite a valiant effort by the ladies team, the end result went in favour of the men taking a 3.5 to 1/2 victory.  The ladies team consisted of:

LC Sue Raynor/Liz Moses, Yvonne Walker/Becky Foster, Diane Sharpe/Caroline Hills and Jacqui Francis/Linda Tytherly

challenge trophy.jpg

Belton Woods Trophy - Saturday 19th June 2021

Nett Trophy Winner - Debbie Hawley nett 72

Gross Trophy Winner - Lesley Perrin scoring 89

Weekday Cup Wednesday 16th June 2021

Winner - Wendy Stewart with 40 points

Linda Cochrane Club Champs

This year there were 14 entries for the 2 day medal competition.  The weather was extremely kind to us on both days as we were all prepared for a few downpours but thankfully they came after we had all finished.

The winner of the Gross, and our new Club Champion is Lesley Perrin with a very impressive 167 (82 day 1 and 85 day 2).  Well played Lesley

The Nett winner was Becky Foster with 151 (77 day 1 and 74 day 2) Well done Becky.

club champs 2021.jpg

Ping Pairs Betterball

Huge congratulations to Jen Hallett and Lis Isles who played in the final of the Ping Women's Fourball Betterball on 6th September and came away with 39 points to tie with 7 other pairings (winning score 41pts).

Jen and Liz Ping.jpg

Winter Challenge Rounds 2021/22

Midweek Challenge

13.10.21 Betterball - Jan Machin/Lorraine Robertson 39 points

27.10.21 Foursomes - Pat Hawcroft/Gail Cowan 38 points

24.11.21 Texas Scramble - Judi Downward/ Nikki Masson 37 points

05.01.22  Pairs B'Ball - Nikki Masson/Caroline Hills 32 points

Weekend Challenge

16.10.21 Betterball - Elizabeth Milne/Debbie Hawley 44 points

30.10.21 Foursomes -  Becky Foster/Jules White 38 points

08.01.22 Pairs B'Bal - Gaynor Palframan/Lorraine Robertson 38 points

Tonka Twosomes/Borris Bowl - Monday 30th August 2021

Winners of the Toka Twosomes with a score of 63 - Pat and Allan Haynes

Tonka 2021.jpg
Boris Bowl 2021.jpg

Boris Bowl / Tonka Twosomes - 30th August 2021


Winners of the Boris Bowl with a score of 65 - Steffi Hey and Matt Haynes

Winners of the Tonk Twosomes with a score of 63 - Pat and Allen Haynes

Ladies Vs Seniors Trophy - Friday 3rd September 2021

The Ladies team won this matchplay comp. 4.5/1.5 to retain the trophy.

Ladies Vs Seniors presentation.jpg
Ladies Vs Seniors Group.jpg

Joan Boycott Memorial Trophy

The final, played on Friday 3rd September between Caroline Hills and Pat Haynes, went to the 19th hole where Pat Haynes won the trophy.

Myles Foster & Tony Roberts Trophys - 25th September 2021

1st place in the Tony Roberts best nett score went to Debbie Hawley with a score of 67

1st place in the Myles Foster best gross score went to Caroline Hills with 92

Autumn Meeting - 11th September 2021

Silver Division winner - Trudi Galloway with +4

Bronze Division winner - Becky Foster with +6

autumn meeting winners.jpg

Coen Cup - 12th September 2021

Debbie Hawley took the Coen Cup trophy with a score of 41 pts.

coen cup 2021.jpg

Jan McCullough Trophy (pairs) - 9th October 2021'

The winning pair of Lorraine Robertson and Gaynor Palframan won the Greensomes comp. with a score of 68

Tony Rose Bowl Trophy

The winning pair of Gaynor Palframan and Colin Sneesby came in with 43 points.

Gaynor Tony Rose Bowl_edited.jpg