Monthly Medal 2019


April:          Silver Div. Lorraine Robertson nett 71 Bronze Div. Helle Fentem nett 65                   

May:          Silver Div. Lesley Perrin nett 81          Bronze Div. Ailsa Lines nett 76        

June:           Silver Div. Wendy Stewart nett 75      Bronze Div. Donna Knight nett 74            

July:            Silver Div. Carole Stothard nett 67     Bronze Div. Nikki Masson nett 74                 

August:        Silver Div. Jan Machin 73                 Bronze Div. Ailsa Lines 69               

September:   Silver Div. Lorraine Robinson 74       Bronze Div. Jill Baggeley 72        

October:       Silver Div. Jan Machin 75                Bronze Div. Nikki Masson 76           

November:    Silver Div. Lorraine Robertson 82     Bronze Div. Elaine Lilley 82     

Monthly Stableford 2019

March : Silver Div. Trudi Galloway 34pts Bronze Div. Judi Downward 38 pts.      

April:     Silver Div. Lesley Perrin 38 pts    Bronze Div. Jacqui Francis 37pts      

May:      Silver Div. Carole Stothard 31 pts Bronze Div. Ailsa Lines 31 pts.    

June:      Silver Div. Gaynor Daykin 37pts Bronze Div. Yvonne Walker 39pts      

July:       Silver Div. Caroline Hills 32 pts  Bronze Div. Stephanie Lee 36 pts

August:   Silver Div. Caroline Hills 33 pts  Bronze Div.  Nikki Masson 28 pts     

September:  Silver Div. Lesley Perrin 36 pts Bronze Div. Lis Iles 32 pts

October:   Silver Div. Shirley King 35 pts Bronze Div. Yvonne Walker 33 pts   

November: Silver Div. Judi Downward 29 pts  Bronze Div. Nikki Masson 33 pts  

Par Competition 2019

Par 1 = Jill Baggeley 3

Par 2 =  Jennifer Hallett 3

Par 3 =  Elaine Lilley 2

Par 4 =  Jacqui Francis 6 

Par 5 =  Steph Lee 9

Par 6 =  Caroline Hills 4  

Both Elaine Lilley and Caroline Hills were unable to play in the final on Saturday 31st August due to holidays. The runners up from both of their matches went through which was Gaynor Daykin and Sue Raynor.

The winner of the 2019 Par Competition with a score of +3 is Jill Baggeley who retains the title for the second consecutive year.

Par Comp Winner 2018_edited.jpg

2019 3*

Jane Forbes (98) 

Summer  Eclectic 2019

Woods: Ailsa Lines Nett Score 69

Lakes:    Trudi Galloway Nett Score 72.5

Spring 2019  Meeting (Stableford)

Trudi Galloway 41 pts

Autumn 2019 Meeting (Par)

Kim Davies +5

BW trophy winner.jpg
club champs 2019.jpg
Tony Rose Bowl Winners.jpg

Belton Woods Trophy 2019

Ailsa Lines with nett 60 takes the trophy.

The winner of the gross score was Lesley Perrin with 94.

Ailsa was also awarded the GOY at the Presentation Evening in November.

Ash Trophy 2019

1st Place, Paul & Lesley Perrin with 73 pts (ocb) 


2nd Place, also with 73, Pete & Carole Stothard


3rd Place, Allan & Pat Haynes with 74 


Weekday Cup 2019

Silver Div:Carole Stothard with 38pts.

Bronze Div: Julie White with 33pts

Linda Cochrane Club Championship 2019

Defending champion Trudi Galloway retained her title with a score of 92 & 87 gross.

Shirley King was the Nett Champion with 74 + 74.  



Secretary's Shield 2019

Deb Hawley

Vice Captain's Cup 2019

Chris Reynolds

Captains Cup 2019

Lesley Perrin

KnockOut Plate

Liz Milne

Directors Trophy 2019

Yvonne Walker 34 pts 

Spring Meeting 2019

Trudi Galloway 41 points for the Silver Division

Nikki Masson 39 points for the Bronze Division

Autumn Meeting

Silver - Jan Machin

Bronze - Kim Davies

Tonka Twosomes 2019

Caroline & Tony Hills with 65.5

Boris Bowl 2019

Liz Milne and Paul Moules

Jan McCulloch Trophy 2019

Trudi Galloway and Kim Davies with 68.5

Tony Rose Bowl 2019

1st Gaynor Palframan & Paul Moules 40 pts

2nd Liz Milne & Nigel Hardy 36 pts

3rd Shirley King & Brian Robinson 36 pts

4th Julie White & Bruce Foster 34 pts

Myles Foster (Gross)/Tony Roberts (Nett) Trophies 2019

Caroline Hills 84 (Gross)

Jill Baggaley 64 (Nett)

Joan Boycott Trophy

Julie White

Hardy's Challenge (Mixed Knockout)

Rob & Gaynor Palframan


Weekday Winter Challenge 2019/2020

Round 1: Liz Moses/Gaynor Daykin 80 (winners on the day Wendy Stewart/Steph Lee 78)

Round 2: Jen Hallett/Yvonne Walker 75

Round 3: Gaynor Palframan/Liz Moses 77.8

Round 4: 

Round 5:  

Round 6: 


Winter Challenge 2019/2020

Round 1: Becky Foster/Julie White 84

Round 2: Postponed - course closed due to weather (rescheduled to Saturday 4/1/20)

Round 3: Postponed - course closed due to weather (rescheduled to Saturday 22/2/20)

Round 4: 

Round 5: 

Round 6

Best 3 of 6 rounds - Trophy Winners: 

National Competitions 2019

In the Daily Mail Foursomes first round, Elaine Lilley and Jan Machin won through to the next round.

Rd. 2  Elaine and Jan won their home match against Belton Park and go through to the next round.

Rd 3 Elaine and Jan won at Newark Golf Club to get through to the next round.

Rd 4 Elaine and Jan lost out on the final hole to Stoke Rochford.

Well done for getting so far.

Coronation Foursomes

Qualifiers were Jan Machin & Elaine Lilley with 35 points.  Unfortunately, they realised they would not be available to play in the final round therefore second place winners Julie White and Becky Foster will play in the next round on 9th August at Market Rasen.

EG Trust Medal

Ping Qualifier

Steph Lee and Shirley King won the qualifier and will hopefully go through to the next round.

Daily Mail Foursomes

Aussie Spoons

Becky Foster & Julie White go through to the regional final with 40pts.