Monthly Medal

 April 2017:         Bronze Division Liz Moses  Silver Division Jan Machin                 

 May 2017:         Bronze Division Elaine Lilly Silver Division Jan Machin              

 July 2017:          Bronze Division Liz Moses Silver Division Lorraine Robertson               

August 2017:       Bronze Division Anne Meadows  Silver Division Val Williams         

September 2017:  Bronze Division Yvonne Walker  Silver Division Kim Davies             

October 2017:      Bronze Division Christine Birkett  Silver Division  Jackie Wilson          

November 2017:   Bronze Division Elaine Lilley       Silver Division Gaynor Daykin          

Monthly Stableford


January 2017:           Bronze Division - Jules White         Silver Division - Jackie Wilson

February 2017:          Bronze Division -  Liz Moses         Silver Division - Jan Machin

March 2017:             Bronze Division - Ailsa Lines          Silver Division - Lesley Perrin

April  2017:              Bronze Division - Elaine Lilley        Silver Division - Trudi Gallaway

May 2017:                Bronze Division - Anne Meadows  Silver Division - Lesley Perrin

June 2017:                Bronze Division - Ailsa Lines          Silver Division - Carole Stothard

July 2017:                 Bronze Division - Rita Cooper        Silver Division - Jackie Wilson

August 2017:             Bronze Division - Donna Knight     Silver Division - Val Williams

September 2017:        Bronze Division - Jennifer Hallett    Silver Division - Trudi Galloway

October 2017:           Bronze Division - Pat Welsh            Silver Division - Trudi Galloway       

November 2017:        Bronze Division - Anne Meadows   Silver Division - Lesley Perrin

December 2017:         Bronze Division - Liz Moses            Silver Division - Trudi Galloway

Par Competition 2017

Par 1 = Lorraine Robertson +3

Par 2 = Gail Cowan 0

Par 3 = To be rearranged due to weather

Par 4 = Kylie Bullimore +4

Par 5 = Ailsa Lines +4

Par 6 = Shirley King +7

The final was played on 16th September and the overall winner was Kylie Bullimore with a score of +5

 Winter Eclectic 2016-2017

 Woods: Joint winners

Judi Downward & Trudi Galloway (Nett 75) 

 Lakes: Liz Moses (Nett 72.5)

Summer  Eclectic 2017

Woods: Liz Moses (Nett 67)

Lakes: Trudi Galloway (Nett 67)

Spring 2017  Meeting (Stableford)


Silver Division - Trudi Galloway 37 points

Bronze Division - Kylie Bullimore 31 points

Autumn 2017 Meeting (Par)

Silver Division - Gaynor Daykin +2

Bronze Division - Becky Foster +3

2017 3*

  Jan-March:  (9 holes only) Liz Moses (47 Stableford points)

  Apr-June:    Ailsa Lines (115 Stableford Points)

  Jul-Sept:      Wendy Stewart (110 Stableford Points)

  Oct--Dec (9 holes only) Liz Moses (50 Stableford Points)

Belton Woods Trophy

Lorraine Robertson - 72 Net

Shirley King - 93 Gross

Ash Trophy

Allan & Pat Haynes



Linda Cochrane Club Championships

Nett Winner - Trudi Galloway 75/76 = 149

Gross Winner - Lesley Perrin 90/91 = 181

Secretary's Trophy

Ailsa Lines

Directors Trophy

Yvonne Walker 28 Points

Captain's Trophy

Trudi Galloway

Tonka Twosomes

Allan and Pat Haynes won with a score of 64. 

Boris Bowl

Harry Harrison and Liz Moses won with a score 63.5



Jan McCulloch Trophy

Becky Foster & Julie White ( 72.6)

Tony Rose Bowl 

1st Trudi Galloway & Nigel Hardy with 39 points on countback from Caroline Hills and Chris White also on 39.

Weekday Winter Challenge

Round 1: Chris Reynolds/Bev Warner

Round 2: Gaynor Daykin/Liz Moses

Round 3: Gaynor Daykin/Liz Moses

Round 4: Wendy Stewart/Steph Lee

Round 5: Jen Hallett/Jaqui Francis

Round 6: Carole Stothard/Jackie Wilson

Winter Challenge

Round 1: Wendy Stewart/Liz Isles

Round 2: Jackie Wilson/Nikki Masson

Round 3: Jackie Wilson/Nikki Masson

Round 4:  Ailsa Lines/Sophie Ellis

Round 5: Ailsa Lines/Sophie Ellis

Round 6: Trudi Gallaway/Jules White

Lady Captain's Day 2017 - Pretty in Pink

A large number of ladies supported our Lady Captain, Liz Moses, for her Captain's Day in aid of her chosen charity, The Rainbows Hospice, choosing "Pretty in Pink" as her theme. Although we managed to keep dry, we were accompanied by a strong wind as a result of hurricane Brian!

Everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion, with a  tremendous amount of pink to be seen. Liz chose Becky Foster as the "most Pink" lady, likening her to a "Pretty Flamingo"!

The golf was followed by a carvery meal in Stantons and the prize giving.

Results: (Individual Stableford)

4th Place - Rita Cooper

3rd Place - Gail Cowan

2nd Place - Jill Baggeley

1st Place - Jules White (on countback)

Nearest the Pin - Jan Machin

Nearest in 2 - Wendy Stewart

Straightest Drive - Melita Copley

Hidden Holes ( 3 holes were picked at random by Kim from Leisure and the lady with the most points on those holes combined won a prize) - Niki Masson.



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table 6

National Competiitions 2017

Australians Spoons - Bev Warner & Anne Meadows, 36 Stableford points, next round on 24th July at Newcastle under Lyme.

Elaine Lilley and Jacqui Francis were successful in winning their regional heat (Midlands North). They and 5 other regional Winners will compete in the national final which will be played during National Golf Week in August.  They finished with a score of 38 points to win.

Ping Qualifier

1st with a score of 44 (pairs betterball) Bev Warner and Chris Reynolds. 

2nd with a score of 42 Becky Foster and Jules White

Daily Mail Foursomes - Lesley Perrin & Val Williams won 6 & 4 now through to next round.

Lesley and Val continue their success winning their foursomes at Luffenham Heath 1 up.

Still going strong, Lesley and Val won their match against Cleethorpes leaving only one more round before the final.

Next round will take place on 10th October.

Unfortunately Lesley and Val were knocked out at the next round but gave it their all and can be very proud to get as far as they did.