League Matches - A Team

Team Captain - Trudi Galloway

Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, all league matches were cancelled for 2020.

2021 Fixtures

Wednesday 14th April 2021 - Away to Stoke Rochford (13.30hrs)

Saturday 17th April 2021 - At home to Burghley 'A' - Lakes (11.00-11.24hrs)

Saturday 8th May 2021 - Away to Blankney 'A'  (12.30hrs)

Friday 4th June 2021 - At home to Blankney 'A' - Lakes (13.16 - 13.40hrs)

Sunday 27th June 2021 - At home to Stoke Rochford - Lakes 11.48 - 12.12hrs)

Saturday 31st July 2021 - Away to Burghley (tee times tba)

Match Reports

14th April - Away to Stoke Rochford

The welcome from the Stoke Rochford ladies over a chilly ‘outdoor’ coffee and ‘social distancing’ chat was particularly warm and friendly and it was good to be stepping back out on the golf course with fellow golfers. The course looked really well manicured and played well but their pesky greens along with a couple of freshly returning ex County players played right into the hands of the home team making it impossible to get ahead in any of our matches resulting in a 4-0 white wash!

Thank you to the pairings of Trudi & Lesley, Caroline & Jan, Gaynor & Ailsa and Wendy & Lorraine a tough ask after months in lockdown but we all put up a great fight. Better luck to everyone for Saturday in our next match on home turf this time!

17th April - at Home Vs Burghley Park

The weather for our home match just a few days later was much kinder even quite warm at times as we welcomed on to our Lakes course some familiar and some new faces from Burghley GC. Once again we found ourselves faced with some extremely talented young players, who following the match revealed they had previously played at County level off scratch!, Lesley & I unfortunately had to battle against this talent and then adding into the mix a very useful partner we found we just could not make head way in our match, extremely frustrating!

Fortunately and with much relief for the team as a whole some did utilise our home advantage and with a huge thanks to the last two pairings of Jan & Ailsa and Wendy & Lorraine we were finally able to bring home a 2-2 draw! My thanks to Caroline & Shirley also in their battle to bring home a win it was quite close but not to be in the end.

2nd June - at Home Vs Blankney A

Pleased to announce a fantastic 2.5 - 1.5 win to Belton Woods A Team.  Thanks to pairings of Lesley/Trudi, Caroline /Jan, Lorraine/Ailsa, Wendy/Liz.

Well played ladies.

27th June - Home Vs Stoke Rochford

Very pleased after our ‘white wash’ at Stoke to record a brilliant 3 – 1 win to the Belton Woods A Team with a positive result from each of our matches of two wins and two halves.

Very well played everyone and thanks to the pairings of Lesley & Trudi / Jan & Shirley / Wendy & Ailsa / Lorraine & Nikki

Following the match there was more celebrating to be had as Lesley & the girls organised surprise birthday cake, pressie & card, there was even a bottle & card from the Stoke team for my significant birthday thank you so much everyone, thank goodness I sunk that final putt!!