League Matches - B Team

Team Captain - Steph Lee


Saturday 13th April - Away at Blankney

Friday 3rd May  - At home to Belton Park on the Lakes

Friday 13th May - At home to Blankney on the Lakes

Wednesday 12th June - Away at Greetham

Friday 14th June - Away at Belton Park

Wednesday 31st July - At home to Greetham on the Lakes

Saturday 13th April - Away to Blankney

The first match of the season took place for the B team against Blankney A team at Blankney. It was also the first time  showing off our new team colours which got a lot of lovely comments. Thank you to Kev Keep of Grantham based Playdeck UK Limited for his kind sponsorship.

We were greeted with coffee on arrival and a very warm welcome.

The weather, to say the least, was freezing. It felt like we had gone through 4 seasons.

Despite the valiant effort from the team, sadly we lost 2 1/2-1 1/2.

On that note I would like to say a big thank you to the girls that played

Shirley – Kim, Becky- Lady Captain Jules, Kylie –Jane, Myself and Chris Birkett

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Friday 3rd  May  Home to Belton Park

I am pleased to report a win against Belton Park 3 ½   to ½. Although it was forecast to rain we were lucky with just a couple of showers.

The match was played on the Lakes which is in great condition, I think they did struggle with the water, the course was also playing long and if you ran off the fairway the semi rough was very tough to play out of.

I would like to thank Shirley King and Kim Davies, Becky Foster and Lady Captain Julie, Kylie Walker and Jane Forbes, Myself and Christine Birkett.

Well done Ladies.

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Friday 17th May - Belton Woods B v Blankney At Home 

The return match took place on Friday 17th May and was played on the Lakes.

The weather was kind to us, rain which was forecast didn’t happen so that was a blessing.
Although both courses were busy that day we were lucky and got out before the societies.

We were hoping for a win as we lost against them at Blankney but sadly it wasn’t to be and the result was 3 & 1 to Blankney.

Thank you to the ladies who played Shirley-Kim Becky-Jules Christine Birkett Pat Haynes and Elaine

Friday 14th June - Belton Park Away

The away match against Belton Park took place on Fri 14th June.

The weather had been awful that week with heavy rain despite their course being shut most of the week luckily it was playable by Friday.

We started off in dry weather but had a down pour later in the afternoon.

Belton Park were on top form and that was reflected with the score of 4-0 to them.

Many thanks to Shirley/Liz,  Kim/Becky, Jules/Jane and Chris Birkett

Wednesday 3rd July - Greetham Valley Away

The rearranged match against Greetham Valley that was cancelled due to the bad weather took place on Wed 3 July, thankfully it was a warm sunny day.

The match was played on their Lakes course which was in great condition.

Afterwards we had a nice meal and Annie entertained us with a few jokes.

It was a well fought match but Greetham got the better of us with a win of 3 ½ to ½.  Thank you to Shirley – Judi, Kim – Becky, Jules – Jane. and Pat Haynes and Steph Lee.

Our last match takes place on Wed 31st July against Greetham at home that match

will be a decider who stays in Div 3 us or Greetham.


Wednesday 31st July - Greetham Valley at Home

For the last game of the season the B team welcomed Greetham Valley at home. The match was going to be tense because it was a decider between the both of us who was going to stay in Div. 3.

Through the night and on the morning of the match the weather was awful with heavy rain.  I kept my fingers crossed that the course would be open which it was, thankfully,  as we were teeing off at lunch time it had stopped. I would like to thank the greenkeepers for all their hard work in keeping the courses in great condition, putting new drainig in the fairways has paid off as there was no standing water on the course.

With the match taking place on the Lakes, some of the Greetham Valley Ladies did struggle with the water but they commented on how they thoroughly enjoyed playing the course.

The final result ended up as a draw with the score of 2-2 so therefore Belton Woods should be staying in Div. 3 as we have won more games.

Many thanks to Shirley/Kim, Becky/Kylie, Jules, Pat Haynes and Jacqui Frances who stepped in for me at the last minute.

As it was our last game, a big heartfelt thanks to my regular team and to the Ladies that stepped in for me for all their support and here's looking forward to next year.