To start with…………..

I first came to Belton Woods in 1991 as a green keeper after seeing a job advert in the local job centre! As I was looking for a change in direction in my working life! At the time I wasn’t really interested in golf, but as time went by, I got hooked by the game. From playing only a hand full of times during the summer to most weeks or more if you ask Helen!

To get my handicap to single figures and maintain it there for a number of years, has been very satisfying! So, when I was asked to be Captain of this great club the first time, I did just laugh at Bruce and walked away, but then the second time it was mentioned I gave the subject more thought! In mentioning it to Helen, one’s wife, her first comment back to me was why can’t you be! So here we are today, having accepted Bruce’s offer and now captain of Belton Woods golf club, something I have immense pride in doing.

With that in mind, I would like to thank Bruce for giving me this opportunity to become Captain of this great club and congratulate him on his successful year. Having enjoyed an eventful Vice Captain’s year, I can settle into my Captain’s year and give it my 100% commitment!

My charity, or should I say our charity as in agreement with the lady captain, is Prostate Cancer UK! Unfortunately, a subject you hear more and more about with more people affected by it,, so hopefully we can raise some money to help towards defeating this illness.

Throughout the year the lady captain and myself will be organising various charity events and any support that you the members can give us will be greatly appreciated!

My vice-captain is Mr Graham Bell! A member here for 18 years and someone I have gotten on very well with over the years, despite being a Forest fan! And looking forward to working alongside this year.

Team captains:

I can confirm that the Captains this year will be:

A team - Steve Hall

B team - Rob Vine

and C team - Les Stewart

The Junior Captain this year is Sophie Ellis.

I would like to wish all the Captains a great success for this year! With league fixtures and friendlies commencing in April! Hopefully with the support of the members all the teams can go from strength to strength!

Thank you to all the committee members who have stayed on or have been voted on this year. I look forward to working with you this coming year and taking the club forward, especially as we now have new playing rules to get used to!

The hotel currently under Christophe Gitton’s management and his team Ben Skeet, Andrew Richardson and their staff here at Belton Woods, can hopefully have a great 2019 both on and off the course!

I would like to thank everyone who has taken time to congratulate me on becoming Captain and wishing me well, it has meant a lot to myself that so many people have taken time to do this. Finally, I would like to wish you a great golfing 2019 and if you play well enough on the right weekend you might be collecting some silverware come November.




Brian Robinson