League Matches - A Team

Team Captain - Trudi Galloway

2017 Fixtures

Saturday 29th April at home vs Toft

Saturday 27th May at home vs Lincoln

Sunday 25th June at home vs Stoke

Wednesday 26th July away vs Toft

Friday 4th August away vs Lincoln

Wednesday 9th August vs Stoke

Saturday 29th April - Belton Woods Vs Toft 

Played on our beautiful Lakes course, Belton Woods Ladies A Team  secured a fantastic 4-0 win.  Well played ladies, what a result for our first match of the new season.

Saturday 27th May - Belton Woods Vs Lincoln

Our A Team welcomed Lincoln GC to our second home match of the season on the Lakes Course. Following days of beautiful hot weather the conditions turned and we found ourselves not only battling against our oppostition but blustery winds that shipped up too!

Each match was closely contested with two sealing their result on the 18th and the other two closing out on the 17th, unfortunately going in favour of Lincoln GC with 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 win to our visitors.

Thank you ladies as always for your commitment and determination to do well, it is much appreciated.


Sunday 25th June - - Belton Woods Vs Stoke Rochford

Thanks to our wonderful ‘A’ Team ladies Jackie, Caroline, Lesley, Trudi, Carole, Val, Kim & Shirley who were just amazing today securing a 3/1 home win against Stoke Rochford GC.

Thank you so much for digging deep and making this possible against such strong opposition, you are truly remarkable ladies!

Our last three matches were all played away over the last two weeks so the pressure was on to hold onto our current position in division one!

Wednesday 26th July - Belton Woods Vs Toft - Away


A  tricky course not well known to many of our ladies and with the added hindrance of wind and rain we knew we had our work cut out! The Toft ladies made us very welcome providing before and after refreshments and friendly golf chatter. Our matches were pretty close but with Val & Shirley our only winning pair, the end result was a 3-1 win to Toft. Thank you to a great team of Jackie, Caroline, Lesley, Trudi, ‘new girl’ Jan, Carole, and well played Val & Shirley.

Friday 4th August Belton Woods Vs Lincoln Away


 A welcome reception from the ladies of The Lincoln awaited us and a complementary drink set us up well for a positive mindset. The weather was kinder on this day but with plenty of rain previously the golf course was a little less fiery than usual. Perhaps this went towards our  achievement of a 2-2 draw which proved to be crucial in securing our position in division one for next year.


Thank you to Caroline, Lesley, Carole & Val for the fight you always put up and well done to Trudi, Jan, Lorraine (maiden appearance) & Shirley for bringing home the winning matches….and so onto Stoke!

Wednesday 9th August – Belton Woods Vs Stoke Away


Phew! What a relief going into our last match and especially against Stoke knowing this result wasn’t going to be the difference between staying put or going down. What had come to realisation was that a win here would have propelled us up to the winning position of Division One, wow! Well Stoke weren’t going to go without a fight as was to be expected and with Jan & Carole being the only pair to get across the winning line despite all the matches being fairly close, Stoke won 3-1.

Thank you to all the ladies who have played for the A team this year I know I appear to say it every year but your loyalty and commitment to these matches astounds me and makes it an absolute pleasure to be your team captain.

Here’s to 2018 Lincoln, Toft & Canwick!